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Governor signs charter school bill

News | Published: Fri, Apr 24, 2015 | Comment on this article Leave a comment

Senate Bill 782 amends the current law, which allowed the creation of charter schools only in Oklahoma and Tulsa counties.

McClendon under investigation; Chesapeake settles Michigan charges for $25 million

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Chesapeake Energy Corp. agreed to set up a $25 million compensation fund in Michigan to settle all criminal charges against the company in the state.

DA: Outside probe possible in Tulsa reserve deputy Robert Bates case

Published: Fri, Apr 24, 2015 | Comment on this article Leave a comment

District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler has begun contacting outside law enforcement agencies for further investigation after new information surfaced about Reserve Deputy Robert Bates.


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Festival of the Arts street performer balances juggling and jokes

News | Published: Fri, Apr 24, 2015 | Comments Comment on this article Leave a comment

Along with flipping out the cactus and cigar boxes and keeping the garden tool, battle axe and cabbage in the air, Dan Raspyni also is nimbly juggling zippy one-liners and self-deprecating quips.

Domino's to showcase new 'pizza theater' concept in Bricktown

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The transformation of Domino’s Pizza that began with commercials featuring criticism of its pizza will be on display in Bricktown with the opening of a “pizza theater” that will include a dining area and open kitchen.

Topgolf to 'audition' applicants for 450 jobs at Oklahoma City location

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The Oklahoma City entertainment center, near Memorial Road and North Western, is scheduled to open soon.

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