10 Clever Uses For Burned-Out Light Bulbs

Published on NewsOK Published: December 19, 2012

4. If you wrap standard brown twine around a standard-shaped light bulb, and then add a little stick at the tippy top, it looks just like a rustic pear. An adorable, artistic centerpiece.

5. Here’s a timely tip: Old light bulb. Spray glue. Doused in glitter. BOOM. Christmas ornament. This would be a fun family craft for Christmas Eve.

6. You can turn a bigger bulb into a teeny tiny tabletop terrarium. Just remove the metal screw ring and insides, then fill the bulb with moss, pebbles, and mini pinecones. Or make a beach-y version with sand and little sea shells.

7. It’s very easy to turn a light bulb into an oil lamp (and quite apropos, I’d say). The Internet is full of tutorials ( so don't bug your local electrician to teach you how, OK?).

8. Dude, you can make a “ship in a bott- er, light bulb”! Love this.

9. If you have a bunch of matching bulbs, you can use them in the kitchen. Carefully remove the metal screw ring and the insides, but hold onto the screw ring – that will be your “cap”. Now, thoroughly wash and dry the bulbs. Then you can fill them with all your bulk-bought spices for display. “Cap” them and keep them in a pretty plastic (or ceramic) egg holder.

10. Or, you could turn them into salt and pepper shakers, like this guy did.

Got any other fun ideas for using old light bulbs? Please share in the comments below!

Sayward Rebhal writes for Networx.com.

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