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10 Signs That You Have a Hoarding Disorder

Published on NewsOK Published: January 7, 2013

7. You can’t pass up a bargain. It hurts you to pass up a good bargain, so your house (and maybe your garage, and yard) is full of items that you’ve purchased. Even if you don’t really have enough money to shop, you just can’t stop yourself from buying something if it is a bargain.

8. You are sure that there is a treasure buried under the piles of stuff in your house. People keep telling you to just take a garbage bag and get rid of all your stuff. They don’t understand that you feel like you can’t, because you think that buried in the piles are objects that have either sentimental or monetary value.

9. You move stuff from pile to pile, but you don’t throw it away. In order to find your possessions, you have to sort through piles of stuff. Instead of throwing away things that have no monetary value, like old newspapers, you just move them from pile to pile. According to the Mayo Clinic, this is a symptom of a hoarding disorder.

10. Your house smells bad and is dirty, but you cannot clean it up. You’ve gotten used to things like animal feces on the floor, and you can’t manage to clean up the mess. There is a bad smell in the house, but you can’t find its source due to the piles of stuff that have accumulated. Surfaces in your house are covered in dust, but there is so much stuff around that you can’t reach the surfaces to clean them. Although squalor is not necessarily a symptom of hoarding, it can be a red flag.

If you, or someone you love, is hoarding, find a support group or therapist through the International OCD Foundation. Or find a compassionate cleanout company, like the San Francisco cleaning company Steri-Clean.

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