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10 Uses for Paper Towels

Published on NewsOK Published: October 17, 2013

Paper towels are most commonly marketed to clean up spills, which is really not the best use of their talents. While these absorbent paper sheets can be great at cleaning up spills, it's much better to use a washable kitchen towel, rather than wasting a sheet of paper. (My friends always laugh at me because I keep paper towels around the house, but never actually use them for their supposedly intended purpose.)

That said, there are a lot of great things you can use paper towels for, so let's explore some of them!

1. Composting

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Paper contains a lot of carbon, and that makes it great for the so called "brown" layer in your compost management system. After you've used a paper towel, compost it to help maintain the carbon balance in your compost and aerate it -- the fluffy nature of the paper towel will encourage air pockets to form, which will support the growth of beneficial microorganisms so you'll have nice, healthy, beautiful compost for your landscaping service to work with.

2. Keep greens and herbs fresh

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Lettuce, herbs, chard, and other greens can tend to wilt in the fridge. Add a moist paper towel to the bag they're kept in, and notice how their lives are dramatically extended! The paper towel holds moisture to maintain a comfortable humidity level, without keeping the greens damp and allowing them to start rotting.

3. The bread trick

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