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10 Ways to Clean with Vinegar

Published on NewsOK Published: March 20, 2013

Shower and tub cleaner: Mix vinegar and dish soap in one of those reservoir-handled scrub pads. It makes for convenient daily shower or tub cleaning.

DIY scrubbing cleanser: You can make your own slightly gritty soft-scrubbing cleanser. Mix a paste of 1/4 cup baking soda, 1 TBS ecological dish detergent, and enough white vinegar to moisten the whole thing. A word of advice: After you scrub with this mixture, wipe it off with a rag, then spray the surface with water and wipe again. Otherwise, you could end up with a film on the surface.

Remove lime scale from a shower head: Lose lime scale from your shower head with this one easy trick. Put some vinegar in a plastic bag, then cover the shower head with the plastic bag. Leave it for a couple hours, then remove the bag. I have seen this method recommended by everyone from professional plumbers to DIY bloggers.

Clean Jacuzzi tub jets: Oh, hey, Jacuzzi owner! Are the jets in your tub diggety-dirty? Soak the whole tub in a vinegar and water mixture, and then run the jets for 5 minutes. Drain the tub.

Scrub tile grout with vinegar: Work a paste of vinegar and baking soda in circles with a stiff nylon-bristled brush. The poultice of vinegar and baking soda is recommended by Denver tile contractor KMS Woodworks.

Clean small kitchen appliances: If you don't want to get toxic cleaning solutions near your food prep appliances, a vinegar and water solution in a spray bottle is an edible alternative.

Eco-hack a wet mop: You know those mops that spray a chemical solution, and then you mop up the chemical solution with a disposable mop pad? So you can eco-hack those. Instead of disposable pads, you can use rags. And you can fill the cleaning solution jug with vinegar.

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