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16 Ways to Open a Beer Bottle Without a Bottle Opener

Published on NewsOK Published: June 9, 2013

9. Paper. Now you’re intrigued, aren’t you? Fold a sheet of paper into a flat, hard packet. Stick it under the edge of the top, and lever it up with your wrist to pop the top up, up, and away! You may find that it takes a few tries to get it right, but don’t give up. Pretty much any paper product (including money) will do for this one. For extra points, try it with a napkin.

10. Beer on beer action. The only thing better than a beer is two beers, right? Grab a second bottle, and use one of the corners along its edge to pop off the cap of beer number one. Problem: You’re now drinking the bottle opener you could have used for Beer Number Two. Solution: Get another beer.

11. A toothbrush. Here at Networx, we’re big fans of oral hygiene. Especially when you’ve been drinking! All those sugars in beer can lead to dental decay. If you’re always packing a toothbrush, you’re always prepared for a quick dental touch up...and beer opening emergencies. Just stick the handle of the brush under the edge of the cap, and push up.

12. Shell casings. A classic for when you’re in the woods after a long day of hunting and want to pop a cold one—grab one of those shell casings you picked up and use it as a lever to remove the lid of your beer of choice.

13. A nice crusty bread. Cut off a thick slice—you’ll be enjoying it with your beer as soon as you’ve used the edge of the crust to lever the top off!

14. A spoon. Spoons are the right shape and size for a handy and quick opener, and they’re often readily available. Use one hand to stabilize the lid and neck of the beer, and the other to insert a spoon under the edge of the lid before levering up and out to pull it off.

15. Your forearm. Everyone has a built-in bottle opener, although this one takes some finesse or it’ll be extremely painful. Push a beer bottle into the fleshy part of the forearm, and apply a lot of pressure while you’re at it, before twisting to pull the cap up and off. You’ll know you’re not pressing hard enough if 1. The top doesn’t come off and 2. It hurts like the dickens.

16. Phone a friend. “Bro, can you open this for me?”

Still hell-bent on using your teeth when you have a perfectly good forearm (and assortment of other objects)? Go right ahead, but be prepared for the subsequent chipping, gum damage, and other potential complications.

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