20-second timeout: Dallas guard Eddie Jones

By Darnell Mayberry Published: February 25, 2008
What's your biggest pet peeve?

I'm always clean. If I see how filthy a person is or if a person's hygiene isn't right, I have a problem with that. I even look at nails. Let's say I'm going to McDonald's or somewhere and I'm with my kids, if I look at the nails on the (employee) and they're dirty I tell them I don't even want the food. That's the way I am.

How has the league changed since you came in back in 1994?

It's soft. That's the bottom line. You can't get away with nothing no more. You can't even touch a guy without the whistle being blown. When I first got in the league you were able to hold a guy, put your elbow on a guy, but you do that same thing now and the whistle's blown. They're taking away all the fun.

Is this shaping up to be one of the best playoffs in recent memory with the way the West standings are?

Nah. That don't mean anything. We're just fighting for position. When the playoffs come around and that last month comes around, you'll figure out who's on top and who's not. Some teams are playing way above their heads right now and they're going to come down to earth.


Eddie Jones

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