3D peep sight catching on with archers and bow hunters

by Ed Godfrey Published: March 23, 2013

Whether the 3D peep sight becomes a big seller in the archery and bow hunting industry remains to be seen, but the gadget invented by two Stillwater men has created some buzz.

Cabela's is going to start selling the 3D peep sight in mid-April, said Lane Bruder, co-inventor of the gadget along with Victor Borland, son of the late legendary Oklahoma State baseball pitcher Tom Borland.

“They have already ordered from us,” Bruder said.

Over the years, peep sights have become standard equipment on bows. The sights make aiming easier and increase accuracy and consistency.

Inventors of the 3D peep sight say their product allows archers to consistently hit targets at 100 or 150 yards while still being able to shoot their bow at standard settings for closer distances.

“We are duplicating the shooting system in a bow,” Bruder said. “We are creating a second shooting system within a bow.”

With the 3D peep sight, an archer has the option to shoot more accurately at greater distances without buying an expensive slider or adjustable sight, Bruder said. It has two peep sights instead of one and two corresponding d-rings on the bowstring to hook a release on to.

One peep sight is used for standard distances while the second peep sight uses the same pins to line up at greater distances.

All an archer has to do is hook his release at a different point on the string and look through the second peep sight.

“You don't change a single thing about what you are doing,” Bruder said. “You don't change your anchor point. You don't change your form. If you have a five-pin sight on your bow, this turns into a 10-pin sight.”

by Ed Godfrey
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