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5 things you need to put in your divorce settlement

Published: July 21, 2008
Don't miss some of the less obvious things you need to include in your divorce settlement. Here are five things you need to consider:

1.Credit card debt. The division of credit card debt is usually outlined in the final divorce order, but make sure the account numbers are listed, so that if the credit card company duns you for payment, you can mail them a copy of your order that clearly states whose responsibility the debt is.

2.Car insurance. When your children turn 16, most insurance companies automatically increase your premium as much as $1,000 a year. So, if you're the custodial parent, make sure to add a provision that your ex will pay 50 percent of the extra costs.

3.Birthday parties, Christmas presents, clothes, camp and other nonessentials not covered by child support. Be sure to decide now if you'll split these, or if the child support is enough to cover these expenses.

4.Braces. Considered cosmetic, braces aren't covered under medical expenses. If you have children, make sure to work this out before signing the final divorce papers.

5.College. Most courts consider college an elective and will not force a parent to pay for tuition. Work this out with your ex ahead of time and save yourself grief and money down the road.