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50 shades of red lipstick: find the hue for you

Shades of red are hot right now in lipstick. Oklahoma makeup specialists offer tips on finding the right red for your perfect pucker.
By Linda Miller Published: November 26, 2012

True or neutral reds also are a good addition to a woman's makeup bag because the color can be enhanced or changed with a simple lipliner. A neutral red can look more neutral with a neutral liner; a blue-red liner can make it more of a vampy red; a dark coral liner can bring out the red.

Mendez-Kelley loves her red lipsticks, but she gives a nod to red lip gloss. Time was when she thought it looked cheap, but now glosses are so pretty and the color is so true that she's turning a corner with red gloss. She really likes Butter London's Chancer, a sheer red with glitter. It can be worn alone or over red lipstick.

Lip prep, upkeep

Perhaps with red more than other colors, prepping the lip is important. A sharp, crisp look starts with lining the lips, she said. Make sure the shape is good, then follow with lipstick, either applied from the tube or with a brush.

Makeup artist Lilly Stone prefers applying color first, blotting, then reapplying color. Carefully line lips with a red lip pencil that closely matches your lip color. Apply a little concealer around your lip and blotting powder to prevent color from bleeding. Nothing looks worse than red lipstick that's trying to escape your lips.

Another dilemma for many women is keeping that red mouth looking pretty, especially during a meal.

“When eating, pull the food off your fork with your teeth,” said Stone, owner of Sooo Lilly Cosmetics located inside Kokopelli in Shoppes at Northpark. “Oils in your salad will remove any color on your lip.

“If you need to touch up, blot your whole lip with blotting powder, reapply the color and line. If you wish to change the effect, apply a little gloss on the pout of your lip only.”

Bending the rules

Just as rules are changing in fashion, they're being twisted and often ignored in makeup as well.

Bold red lips don't automatically call for understated eye makeup. That's a more traditional way of thinking.

“I love a heavy eye and heavy lip,” Mendez-Kelley said. “If you're on the fence, let your lips be the powerhouse. If you're confident, just go for it.”

Of course, if you're going to do red lips and heavy eyes, then keep blush soft or perhaps just a little bronzer.

At times, Mendez-Kelley even likes a nude face with bold, red lips. “If you've got red lipstick on, you can do anything in the world.”