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7 Creative Ways To Re-Use Golf Balls

Published on NewsOK Published: August 19, 2013
Photo: dhester/morguefile.comSo, I'm dating a golfer. You don't know me, but trust me when I say that this is unexpected. Golf is such a preppy game and preppy? I am not. But hey, opposites attract and really that has nothing to do with anything. The point is: golf balls.

I never thought about the life cycle of a golf ball until now, but you know -- those things aren't indestructible. They get dented and torn on all that golf course landscaping and generally degrade, and they it's all: "Bye bye little ball, off to the rubbish bin for you!"

Well, being the super-green eco-friendly DIY recycler girl that I am, I just couldn't bear to see them thrown away. Can you imagine how many millions of golf balls must be buried in landfills across the country? No way, not cool. Always crafty and looking to upcycle, I looked into golf ball-related projects, and whataya know? There's all sorts of fantastic things you can do with used golf balls! Things like:

1. The garden always provides excellent grounds for creative upcycling, and golf -- an outdoor lawn sport -- is a natural pairing for garden embellishments. If you're patient enough to collect a whole bunch of balls, they'll make an adorable edging for your flower beds, vegetable boxes, or garden foot paths.

2. Or, for a garden project that's a bit more involved, how about taking a swing (just a little golf humor) at one of these golf-ball studded bird houses? Not only do they look cute, but they'll attract beautiful birds to your yard as well! Need help making a birdhouse for your garden in an area like Denver? Handymen can help you elevate your project into a masterpiece.

3. You can also use golf balls in your garden for a less aesthetic, much more practical purpose. Before potting a plant, line the bottom of the flower pot with a few layers of golf balls, then proceed with potting soil as normal. The golf balls will make for excellent drainage and you won't have to worry about root rot!

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