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8 ways to irk the neighbors

Won't you be my neighbor? Frankly, with this list to irk the neighbors, it's better off if you won't.
Davison Cheney, FamilyShare Modified: June 17, 2014 at 4:20 pm •  Published: June 20, 2014

Love thy neighbor. It’s in the best-selling book. “How can I best express my affection for my neighbor to my neighbor?” you may ask.

Well… here’s what not to do.

• Mow your lawn on Sunday morning. Get a good start on the day by beginning at 8 a.m. And leave your grass clippings in a pile next to the fence. Nothing smells like neighbor more than nature's soil-ent green after a day in the heat.

•Make sure to turn the music on full blast when you are washing the car, or suntanning in the backyard. Hard rock or Banda works well — don’t play anything tasteful, like ABBA or the Judds. And remember that volume is everything. Everybody wants to hear your music.

•Speaking of the middle of the night, get yourself a good strong halogen work light. With this incredible fixture you can extend your working hours into the evening and early morning.

•Evening is a great time to paint your house, work on the car or burn a few weeds. Remember the fun things you used to do with lamps in the dark? You can fall in love with shadow puppets all over again. Also, dogs love being bathed at night in a tub in the backyard. After all, this is your property, and you can do whatever you want with it.

•If you are arguing with your spouse, you may as well let the neighbors know who is really to blame. Men, you will have to be twice as loud as your woman because of the shrill factor, so really belt it out. Open a door or a window. And remember to swear. The bluer the better. How else are the study abroad kids going to learn to speak proper A‘merican.

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