9 Refreshing Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide

Published on NewsOK Published: September 26, 2013

Hydrogen peroxide. It's that weird-smelling stuff that comes in the brown bottle that your dad used to dab on your skinned knees when you were a kid. It was kind of cool to watch it bubble up, but OUCH did it sting. And you had to sit still because it was a 'disinfectant,' whatever that meant.

It's probably been lurking in the back of your first aid kit ever since, something you feel like you should have around the hosue even though you're not quite sure why. (Today, some medical professionals actually advise against using hydrogen peroxide in wound care, because it can interfere with healing.)

Well, guess what? Hydrogen peroxide is actually a majorly useful thing, and here's a rundown of some uses you might not have thought of for this super-handy natural compound.

1. Toothpaste

Photo: Windell Oskay/Flickr.com

You've probably seen baking soda and peroxide flavored toothpaste at the store, but let me give you a tip: skip the middle man. Just mix your own as needed. It's way less expensive, and, yes, it will help to eradicate unfriendly bacteria from your mouth in addition to helping whiten your teeth, because hydrogen peroxide is a natural oxidizer.

2. Bloodstain remover

Photo: Lara604/Flickr.com

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