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A groundswell's beginning in U.S. once again

Oklahoman Published: July 2, 2014

Independence Day is approaching. We will be celebrating the date when 13 American colonies declared, “We’ve had it. We can’t take it anymore.” We too often ignore the history of what brought loyal British subjects on this continent to rebel against King George III and his parliament. The colonies were treated like stepchildren who had no voice in how they were ruled. When legislatures were elected to propose laws to the king, he simply abolished the bodies. America was a police state with a large, standing British army. Colonists were not only taxed for the army’s upkeep, but they had to feed and house the soldiers.

At any sign of rebellion, British soldiers would sack and burn a town. If it was a seaport town, they would capture the fishing and merchant ships. Then the American sailors would be forced into the British navy. Americans weren’t allowed to settle the land west of the Appalachians, even though they helped fight France for the possession of the land. Boston Harbor was closed to American ships; taxes on top of taxes were laid on the colonies. It took years of the autocratic, repressive government of Britain to bring a majority of loyal British citizens to rebel against the crown.

History repeats itself. There is a groundswell beginning in these United States to once again rebel against those who are striving, against the Constitution and the will of the people, to destroy liberties using “a pen and a phone.”

Tom McNeill, Healdton


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