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A last hurrah for Morrison
Class B power to play 11-man next season

By Jason Kersey Modified: November 29, 2007 at 12:41 am •  Published: November 29, 2007

/> Casey said moving to 11-man football might mean an end to the type of dominance Morrison faithful has become used to on fall Fridays.

"Competition is good,” Casey said. "It's not any fun to not be competitive. Realistically, it's asinine to think we're going to be in the state finals every year (in Class A).”

Casey said a big target is going to be on Morrison's back in Class A.

"They're not going to want to get beat by us,” Casey said.

The basics are still the same in both versions of football.

"It's still blocking and tackling,” Casey said. "When people say that 8-man isn't ‘real' football, it's usually spoken out of ignorance more than anything. It's not going to be as big a transition as you'd think.”

Holba has rushed for 1,629 yards and 37 touchdowns this season. He has 4,217 yards and 80 scores in the last three seasons. Coach Bales said Holba's impact would be felt at Morrison for the next few years because of the type of person and leader he's become.

"He's an outstanding individual and an extremely gifted athlete,” Bales said. "He works hard for that, and doesn't take (his talent) for granted at all.”