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A look at far right parties in Europe

Associated Press Published: May 4, 2012

Here are some of Europe's far-right parties and their status:

FRANCE: National Front. Leader Marine Le Pen won nearly 18 percent of vote in April's first round of presidential elections. Eyeing seats in June parliamentary elections.

GREECE: Golden Dawn. A neo-Nazi party that is one of Europe's most extreme. Prospering with pain of austerity program. Could take a dozen seats in May 6 parliamentary election.

NETHERLANDS: Freedom Party. Led by Geert Wilders, it's third-largest in parliament, brought down minority government by withdrawing support.

AUSTRIA: Freedom Party, 34 of 183 seats in parliament, second-strongest party in opinion polls.

BRITAIN: British National Party. Membership restricted to "indigenous British people." Ten local councillors, down from 50 in 2008.

GERMANY: NPD. In 2 of 16 state legislators but no seats in national parliament. Support base in former Communist east German states where unemployment, discontent high.

NORWAY: Progress Party in Norway. Holds 41 of 169 seats in parliament. Norway's biggest opposition party. More moderate than many European counterparts.

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