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A look at scandals involving UK media

Associated Press Modified: November 29, 2012 at 8:47 am •  Published: November 29, 2012


The best-selling author of the Harry Potter series said she was completely unprepared for the tsunami of media attention when the first of her books became a sensational success. "It feels threatening to have people watching you," she said. Rowling said she had tried to keep her three children out of the media glare and was outraged when her eldest daughter came home from primary school with a letter from a journalist in her backpack. "I felt such a sense of invasion," she said.


A singer who became a star as a teenager, Church said she had been asked to perform at Rupert Murdoch's wedding to Wendi Deng and was offered either a $100,000 fee or a promise of favorable treatment from his newspapers. She took the latter but was hounded anyway. "In fact, Mr. Murdoch's newspapers have since been some of the worst offenders," she said. Between the ages of 16 and 20, Church said photographers were frequently stationed around the clock outside her home. Church said that she was repeatedly chased in her car and suffered "the indignity of paparazzi trying to take photographs up my skirt and down my top."


A lawyer who represented several people who claimed to be hacking victims, Harris testified that she was a victim of "highly intrusive" surveillance by newspapers. The purpose, she said, "was to obtain information which could be made public in the hope of putting pressure on me, presumably to deter me and my clients from pursuing claims against the company."