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A musical theater quiz, part II

Rick Rogers Modified: June 7, 2013 at 7:05 am •  Published: June 7, 2013

Here’s another quiz for fans of the musical theater and those who enjoy word puzzles.  The challenge is to change one letter in the title to create a new (perhaps preposterous) show. The correct title is in parentheses and answers are at the end of the column. 

This arboretum has a guard who oversees the property. (“The Secret Garden”)

The female member of this detective duo hires a man to replace her. (“Nick & Nora”)

An inept theater company fails to mount a decent production of Flaherty and Ahrens Tony Award-winning musical. (“Ragtime”)

The cast of this musical revue alienates audiences. (“A Class Act”)

The title character of this musical is told she can’t go to Atlantic City. (“No, No, Nanette”)

An innovative director decides to cast a rugged outdoorsman to star opposite this opera’s male lead. (“Porgy and Bess”)

A garbage strike renders this housing area uninhabitable. (“Street Scene”)

The cast of this Asian-inspired musical falls under the influence of drugs. (“Flower Drum Song”)

This title character, who was inspired by legendary comic Fanny Brice, receives an offer from Hugh Hefner. (“Funny Girl”)

Richard Rodgers’ final musical is updated by Jerry Herman. (“I Remember Mama”)

The title character of this Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice musical features a handsome hunk. (“Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”)

In this Roger Miller musical, Huckleberry Finn opts to compete in the summer Olympics. (“Big River”)

This popular baseball team plays a game that is threatened by bad weather. (“Damn Yankees”)

These fairy tale characters find themselves in some rough neighborhoods. (“Into the Woods”)

In a strange twist of fate, the felines that populate this Andrew Lloyd Webber musical turn into the vermin they chase. (“Cats”)

The Secret Warden, Nick & Norm, Gagtime, A Crass Act, No Go Nanette, Porgy and Fess, Street Scent, Flower Drum Bong, Bunny Girl, I Remember Mame, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamboat, Big Diver, Damp Yankees, Into the Hoods, Rats