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A year older, wiser
CommentaryDurant, team will grow up together

by Jenni Carlson Published: September 30, 2008


Some of the lessons learned were hard. Durant and Co. lost 62 games last season in Seattle, and the rookie was the one everyone looked to for answers.

"I came in and was thrown right in the fire,” he said. "I'm glad I was put in that position.”

Not because it was pleasant, but because it was defining. Durant never wants another season like his rookie one.

"He grew a lot and matured a lot,” Watson said. "He's still young, though. He's still going to grow a lot more.

"It's going to be fun to watch him grow.”

Because you can be rest assured, Oklahoma, Kevin Durant still has room to grow and improve and mature. In so many ways, he's 20 years young.

When he walked into the main room at the Skirvin Hotel for media day, he spied the buffet.

"They got cookies,” he said gleefully, beelining to the goodies.

If anyone would've been thinking, there would've been birthday cake.

"I'm just happy I lived to see another birthday,” Durant said, sounding much older and wiser than his 20 years. "Hopefully, God gives me many more.”

Should he celebrate them here, Oklahoma City will have a chance to watch its franchise and its face grow up together.

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