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Abortion reporting bill passes Oklahoma Senate

BY JULIE BISBEE Published: May 12, 2010


Sen. Connie Johnson, D-Oklahoma City, said better access to contraception would eliminate the need for abortion.

"Nobody is in favor of abortions,” Johnson said. "We are in favor of giving women choices, so they can avoid ever having to make a choice whether to have an abortion or not.”

Sen. Steve Russell, R-Oklahoma City, said the bill is not about women.

"It’s about the children in the womb and the life God created,” Russell said. "If it’s immoral to stand in defense of the life of the unborn children, then I stand so accused.”

Under the legislation, the information would be available on a secure website by March 2012.

The Health Department would be in charge of compiling the information.

The department already has a website that includes information about women who have received abortions. That information is self-reported by the three facilities in Oklahoma that are licensed to provide abortions.

Jolley said collecting the information allows policymakers to figure out what services are needed to help reduce the number of women seeking abortions.