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Accepting federal largess won't help state

Published: June 29, 2013

Cal Hobson (Your Views, June 26) thinks Oklahomans should base their state policies according to “federal lar-gesse” and the attached federal dictates. He fails to realize that Oklahomans will continue to stand on principles no matter how much money the federal government waves in front of us. A federal government with $17 trillion in debt and $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities won't be able to provide “largesse” for very much longer. In fact, the rest of the world is so unconfident in our ability to pay our debts that the biggest lender to the United States last year was ourselves, through the Federal Reserve. When the federal government pulls the rug out from Maryland and other states that have agreed to the Medicaid expansion, those states will be liable for the entire Medicaid bill. Also, because they took the federal government handout they'll be prevented by federal law from altering Medicaid benefits, which will push these states toward insolvency.

It's a tough stand to not give needy people free stuff, but it's financially responsible. I applaud Gov. Mary Fallin for undertaking a prudent examination of all possible options for Oklahoma to provide health insurance to the poor. While the federal government and other states continue their march toward insolvency, Oklahoma will continue on a financially stable path. In the future, when some states are bankrupt, Oklahoma will continue to provide health care assistance to the most needy.

Shane Stidham, Oklahoma City


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