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ACLU files appeal of Oklahoma judge's order denying name change

The American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma on Thursday appealed a judge's decision that denied a name change.
by Nolan Clay Published: September 28, 2012

They claimed the judge relied on erroneous medical information to justify his decision.

“Current medical research confirms that transgender individuals suffer from gender dysphoria, which is due to a random genetic variation that ... affects the way the gender centers of the brain develop in utero. In other words, there are people born with male bodies and female brains and vice versa,” the groups said in their news release.

The judge has twice denied name changes in cases where the petitioner was planning to have sex-change surgery. His first denial — in 2011 — is being considered by the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals.

In his order in the 2011 case, the judge quoted Genesis at length.

The judge told The Oklahoman, “If you're born male, you stay male, according to the study I've done on DNA. If you're born female, you stay female.”

He denied both requests because he found they were made for a fraudulent purpose.