ADDverse Effects keeps the dream of '90s hip-hop alive in Norman — for now

Band Q&A with ADDverse Effects
BY BECKY CARMAN For The Oklahoman Published: December 6, 2013

Boyd Littell, drummer for ADDverse, Effects, recently answered some questions about the group.

Q: Why, after sitting on the ADDverse instrumentals for so long, did you decide to actually put a band together?

A: I was actually trying to start a reggae band with some of the same material. That folded, but while that wasn't working out, I saw Josh (“Fiji” Rehanik, MC) sitting in with local jam bands.

Nooch (John Fullbright drummer Giovanni Carnuccio) and Fiji talked about a set based on drums and rhymes. They got a hold of me and Steve Schaben from Green Lemon; I played bass. Right about that time, John Fullbright was taking off, and Nooch told me, “I'm going to be busy, and it's kind of natural anyway that you try to do something with this.” Steve was moving away, I moved to drums, and Benja (Farber, bassist) and John Calvin (guitarist) were on board from the reggae band.

I also noticed that my favorite new Norman band, The Samurai Conquistadors, their keyboardist (Michael Stafford) has a real Fender Rhodes. This hip-hop group I was in before, I put the drums and bass down for a few years and focused just on Rhodes. Most of these instrumentals I had were written from the Rhodes up.

Q: Was the fact that there's not really an established hip-hop scene or venue in Norman in mind as you put this together?

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