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Aggies may be only ones talking, but that doesn't mean they're the only ones doing anything

We may not have heard much out of Norman and Stillwater, but that doesn't mean OU and OSU are just sitting around as Texas A&M considers a move to the SEC.
by Jenni Carlson Published: August 12, 2011

OSU mega-booster Boone Pickens worked behind the scenes, too. He wanted to make sure that OSU could hitch itself to the OU and Texas wagon train. Wherever they were going, the Cowboys were coming along.

Frankly, there's every reason to believe that the locals are doing same sorts of things right now — trying to keep the conference together but working on a backup plan just in case.

You have to think that backup plan is the Pac-12.

(Does anyone really believe the Big 12 is going to be held together by adding Houston?)

Back when it was still the Pac-10, Larry Scott and Co. made a play for OU, OSU, Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech and Colorado. The Buffs weren't intertwined like the other five schools are, so they made a unilateral decision to head west. When the rest of the schools decided to stay put, the conference rounded out its lineup by adding Utah.

But now with A&M going headlong toward the SEC, it seems natural that OU, OSU, Texas and Texas Tech would join the westward expansion.

Scott would have to ditch all that new Pac-12 stationery, but I bet the commish would make the sacrifice.

A bunch of OU types wanted to join the Pac-10 a year ago — and what Sooner leaders love, Cowboy leaders love, too — and I suspect they still have those West Coast phone numbers on speed dial.

Rest assured, Sooner and Cowboy faithful. Just because the talk out of Norman and Stillwater hasn't been as loud as College Station doesn't mean there have been no serious discussions about what happens next.