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Alison Sweeny shares weight-loss, motivation and lifestyle tips

Alison Sweeny, host of “The Biggest Loser” and star of “Days of Our Lives,” is featured in the January issue of Fitness magazine. In the magazine, she talks about fitting it all in, curbing her quest for perfection and finding time to exercise, sleep and be a role model to her kids.
By Heather Warlick Published: December 31, 2012

On still feeling like a chubby person:

“Those thought processes are hard to overcome, so that's definitely where Bob's and Jillian's mantras really do echo in my head: ‘That's an excuse; that's not who you are.' It's important to take care of yourself. That includes eating healthier and learning not to beat yourself up when you make a mistake.”

On being proud of her body:

“I may not have the best body out there — not even close — but I worked my butt off, literally, for it, and it's OK if it's not as good as someone else's. This is what I've got, and I have to embrace it and be proud of it.”

On being a role model for her kids:

“After I ran the L.A. Marathon, my son said, ‘When I'm older, can I run with you, Mommy?' I love that I'm a role model and that my husband and I are setting the example that exercise is important in our lives.”

How fitness has changed her:

“Before, I felt intimidated, but now when opportunities come my way, I can jump in and say, ‘Yeah, let's do it!' ‘The Biggest Loser' crew has a softball team in an intramural league where we play other TV shows. I don't know much about softball, but I know I can have fun and be athletic.”

On overcoming her weight struggles:

“I was a total sucker for both the fat-free and sugar-free crazes. I used not to eat breakfast in the morning because I thought it was just one less meal to worry about. When I started ‘Biggest Loser,' I wasn't eating enough and would compensate by consuming foods that weren't good for me. I really credit the show for introducing me to quinoa, lentils and other healthy options that taste good.”

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