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America going backward

Published: May 12, 2013

This country seems to be running backward. Right isn't necessarily right, anymore. If we say something's wrong, we're called judgmental. If we find someone guilty, it's claimed to be someone else's fault. If some country dislikes us or disagrees with us, President Obama apologizes and we send that country millions of our taxpayer dollars. While North Korea insanely rattles its saber, we cut our military!

We slaughter babies unborn and newly born and call it a mother's choice and a legal right, not infanticide. Thousands of immigrants wait years to win American citizenship while we feed and support millions of illegal immigrants. We spend and waste money outrageously and Obama's administration has no budget. The president admits there's terrorism, but he won't use the word “terrorist.” Obama spends more time at parties with the Hollywood left, on vacations and at golf courses than he does working at the White House. Most of his official visits are fundraising and campaigning, as if he expects a third term.

And last, our once noble, honorable and trustworthy news media have thrown all integrity, honor and truth aside to condone, enable, encourage and cover up for all things Obama and all things liberal.

Jack D. Cypert, Edmond


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