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American oil companies, consumer benefit from Keystone XL

Published: December 15, 2012

Donald D. Meyer (Your Views, Dec. 8) tries to rebuff an opinion of the Dallas Morning News (Dec. 3) but he repeated misinformation of which he accused the former author.

Fallacy: The oil and pipeline are owned by the Canadians and, therefore, under no obligation to buy product from or sell product to Americans. Fact: TransCanada takes no ownership in the oil transported or the refined product. The oil is wholly owned by the companies that produced it in Canada, Oklahoma, Kansas, South Dakota, Montana, Texas and Nebraska and the refined product is owned by companies who own the refineries. Virtually all these companies are owned by American oil companies. Therefore, virtually all the product and profits will go to American companies and consumers. This will significantly reduce our cost of fuel and our dependency on foreign-supplied oil. Plus, the staggering financial and energy benefits to the six primary states involved and the United States as a whole make this a no-brainer. At least for all of those who don't have political debts to pay or truly have “their heads in the sand.”

Jim Lynn, Guthrie