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Americans need a conservative alternative

Published: February 1, 2013

Every time Republicans lose an election, liberals say Republicans must abandon conservative principles. When Richard Nixon used wage and price controls, did that bit of liberalism work out? When Jimmy Carter continued with detente the Russians reached out their loving hand of peace and invaded Afghanistan. When Bill Clinton changed banking regulations, the banks made more risky loans and George W. Bush took the blame. Are those good examples of why Republicans should abandon conservatism?

Medicare, Medicaid and tort lawyers have made quality health insurance too expensive. If your veterinarian was invaded by the world of government health care, your dog would be unaffordable. The only difference would be that the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals would never allow the partial-birth abortion of puppies.

When socialist programs designed to help the poor destroy the free markets and create more poverty, we haven't helped the poor. Weakening the U.S. military won't end war; liberalizing the Second Amendment won't stop criminals from crossing the Mexican border with machine guns while on the way to get a California driver's license.

At least one political party should give Americans a meaningful conservative alternative instead of a one-way ticket to failure.

Brent Parmer, Apache


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