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Americans say they won't give up life's little luxuries

Consumers consider items such as gourmet coffee, jeans and shoes luxuries they won't give up, according to a survey.
Published: February 14, 2013

Products and services consumers deem “untouchable” include Internet service, basic cellphone service, basic cable TV, discount shopping for clothing and a hair cut/color. Expendables include high-end jewelry, luxury handbags, maid service, club memberships and high-end cosmetics.

Fewer adults cut back on items and services in 2012 (53.9 percent compared to the 76.4 percent who did in 2011.) And perhaps a sign that consumers are adjusting to the new normal of economic uncertainty, fewer people surveyed said they'd cut back on certain categories of “little luxuries” in 2012 than in 2011. For example, 40 percent said they cut back on a daily cup of gourmet coffee in 2011; last year, 28.8 percent said they did.

Jennifer Palmer, Business Writer