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America's state of peril

Published: August 25, 2013

Jack D. Cypert (Your Views, Aug 18) blames several conditions that have led America to its present state of peril, but principally the Democratic Party. I'm proud to be one of an Oklahoma majority who would agree. There are still many in our country who will defile the messenger and ignore the message; most either weren't even watching the 2012 Democratic National Convention, or agreed, when a large number of Democratic delegates stood to loudly and openly boo God and Israel. A great share of our “news” media has become a propaganda outlet that could be the envy of Josef Goebbels; but our “ignorantia” — those who just don't and won't understand — don't even know how they've been suckered into supporting pure anti-Americanism.

We have an elite “intelligentsia” who lead the “ignorantia,” doing so with condescending claims of credence by virtue of their academic accomplishments. This "intelligentsia" is more a part of the "ignorantia" and an even greater threat to this great country of ours.

Ronald Bouwman, Oklahoma City