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An insatiable desire for money

Oklahoman Published: December 26, 2012

While feasting on a well-made tuna salad sandwich for supper the other night, I gathered my thoughts. Here are the condensed results: Most folks are drowning in an overwhelming tide of media waves proclaiming the steep grade of the looming fiscal cliff. Half of our lawmakers want to throw out life preservers to the best swimmers, while the other half lines up for free concessions, courtesy of taxpayers. Many members of Congress come from well-to-do families and have college degrees complemented by several years of business or political experience. During their tenure in Washington they start out with a healthy salary and accumulate the perks of the trade. They are in the top 2 percent.

The insatiable desire for money is the root of every form of human evil. In other words, greed is not good. In America today, however, it seems that professional politicians will do or say just about anything for a vote or a dollar. America's needs are an immense responsibility and Congress will soon decide our fiscal future. I'm convinced that their moral compass has been broken for many years and they haven't addressed its repair. Morality is a discipline and maintained by good men.

Two questions must be answered on behalf of the working man: Should the greedy top 2 percent continue to control the future for the other 98 percent? And, does your sandwich taste as good as mine?

Greg Kniess, Yukon