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Angler strikes gold in Grand Lake (goldfish that is)

Tulsa man reels in a 2½-pound lunker
BY SHEILA STOGSDILL, Staff Writer, Published: May 4, 2013

“I suppose I could have kept him in an effort to establish a new lake record — ‘biggest goldfish,'” Neal joked.

Goldfish is not one of the 13 species the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation recognizes as lake records and state wildlife officials really don't want them in lakes.

Although rare, Neal is not the first angler to catch a big goldfish from Oklahoma waters, said Greg Summers, who is in charge of the lake records program for the Wildlife Department.

Summers knows of goldfish weighing up to 4 pounds that have been caught. Some anglers will use goldfish as brightly-colored bait for catfish and that's most likely how they get into lakes, he said.

“Ever once in a while you will get one,” Summers said of a big goldfish. “Fish will grow depending on the size (of waters) they are contained in.”

Ironically, Neal who owns Redfish Advertising, is now considering changing the name of his company to Goldfish Advertising.