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Anne Heche dives into ‘Cedar Rapids'

Anne Heche is busier now than at any time since the 1990s, but she might be the least surprised of anyone by her newfound career surge.
BY GEORGE LANG Published: March 11, 2011

“It was really about our working connection and understanding that we were creating a character,” Heche said. “I think he (Arteta) really felt that for the truth of ‘Cedar Rapids' to work, we needed to really buy, not just a comedian in the role, but a person who would embrace the vibe of a Midwestern woman without making fun of her. He trusted the seriousness with which I would approach the comedy.”

Heche said that the Joan character required nuance. As the alpha female at the insurance convention, she had to come across as a relatable woman, not just a party girl, when she befriends Tim and his colleagues played by John C. Reilly and Isiah Whitlock Jr.

“It was very important to all of us,” Heche said. “This was more of a story about friendship. By the end, you really believe that these are people who are going to look forward to seeing each other again and will have bonded.”

That bond is evident in the final scenes, and after developing comic chemistry with her co-stars, Heche said she hopes “Cedar Rapids” is the start of a series of unconventional conventions.

“I sure hope so — ‘Cedar Rapids' is the place they go for this convention; I'd love to go to every city in the Midwest for a convention,” she said. “Bring it on!”