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Anne Heche finds comedy intoxicating in 'She Said'

BY GEORGE LANG Published: October 19, 2012

“Comedy is about perspective,” Heche said. “I think — not that I'm the wisdom behind comedy — but it definitely makes it funny if you have a point of view.”

Heche spent much of her early career splitting time evenly between comedy and drama, but in recent years, her comedy leanings have received more attention, most recently in her role as convention partyer Joan Ostrowski-Fox in the 2011 independent comedy “Cedar Rapids.” She said that her positive reviews for the performance caused more producers to consider her for comedies, but in her experience, no single role can create a sea change in a career.

“Other actors say, ‘I need that one thing,' and it's never ‘one thing,'” Heche said. “That's why they call it a ‘body of work' — it's about the accumulation of everything you've done.

“I remember being on stage at Sundance, and somebody from the audience said, ‘Have you always wanted to do comedy? This is your first one,'” she said, laughing. “Now, all of a sudden, I'm in a new generation, because this person, this sweet young person, had only seen me in dramatic roles and had no idea that I'd been doing comedies forever. It's funny what the perspective is, and I think ‘Cedar Rapids' was a reminder to people, and I really appreciated that reminder.”