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Annual edition is first for Nova

by Matthew Price Modified: February 8, 2008 at 7:26 am •  Published: February 8, 2008

ch was an average kid trying to get through school and life the best he could,” Smith said. "

Despite strong feelings from many fans, sales weren't strong enough to maintain "Nova,” which was canceled after the 25th issue. The character guest-starred in "Fantastic Four,” "Amazing Spider-Man” and "Rom” before finally being depowered.

The character remained dormant for six years before being revived in the pages of "New Warriors.”

"Rich's powers were reactivated when a hero named Night Thrasher dropped him off a building,” Smith said. "Night Thrasher gambled that his actions would jump-start the powers and Nova would join his new team, the New Warriors, in gratitude. Although angry at being almost killed, Nova agreed since Rich had missed being Nova more than anything. Nova was a member of the New Warriors for years until he was called back to Xandar to fight in the Annihilation War.”

It was the Annihilation War stories, written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning that moved Nova up to A-list superhero status.

"‘Annihilation' ... and the (new) ‘Nova' series have elevated Nova to a whole new pay grade. Richard Rider, unlike a lot of comic book characters, has been allowed to evolve,” Smith said. "He's no longer the young, unsure hero he started out as and he's not the brash, angry member of the New Warriors that he became years later. The current Nova series has Nova in situations far beyond what he's ever encountered before and he has grown into a fine leader and hero with the core foundation of the character intact.”

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Nova battles a techno-organic virus in "Nova” Annual No. 1 Image provided by Marvel Comics

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