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Anthony Edwards dials back to 'Zero' in his series return

The former “ER” star stepped away from television after his time as Dr. Mark Greene on that long-running drama, but he's ready to get back in the game.
BY JAY BOBBIN Published: February 13, 2013

Edwards began developing television projects, and shortly after one just missed the cut at Showtime, the “Zero Hour” script came his way.

“It just hit me,” he says. “I thought, ‘If they're crazy enough to make this, I'm crazy enough to want to do it.' It just read differently. I hadn't seen this on network television, and it had a character I immediately related to, so I was like, ‘Let's try it.'”

The series provided Edwards — whose portrayal of Navy pilot Goose is getting new exposure this month in the 3-D refitting of “Top Gun,” in theaters and on home video — with someone completely fresh to play.

“It was really a relief that the character was not a doctor or a lawyer or a policeman,” he says of playing someone defined by the name of his publication, Modern Skeptic. “There are a lot of great stories to be told in those worlds, but I'm just not a procedural kind of person.

“Every episode doesn't have to have a beginning, middle and end, if you can put (all the episodes) together. ‘24' proved that.”