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Appeasement and weakness won't work with terrorists

Oklahoman Modified: September 28, 2012 at 3:39 pm •  Published: September 29, 2012

Four Americans died in Libya at the hands of thugs and bullies. Every American should be angry. These terrorists paraded our dead or dying ambassador through the streets and then we apologized to the terrorists because they were offended. After paying billions to Egypt and millions to other terrorist nations that hate us and have vowed to destroy us, President Obama is threatening to drastically cut military spending. We should stop sending billions in foreign aid to these nations and instead help our allies in this fight. Remember, we're the government, not our representatives or the president. They were sent to Washington to represent us, to do the will and desire of the people who sent them.

We must demand that our nation's leaders stand up to Islamic terrorist nations. Appeasement and weakness didn't work with them; it won't work with terrorists. They only understand strength. They killed our ambassador and we showed weakness in our response, then they were emboldened and struck time and again since.

How much are we willing to take?

Dee Schrade, Yukon