Are speeders taking a step toward anarchy?

BY YOUR NAME Staff Writer Published: June 22, 2013

In response to Glenn Jones (Your Views, June 16): I was almost in shock to see that someone other than me would make a comment about actually following traffic laws. Speeding is so far out of control in Oklahoma City that we might as well take down all the signs. It doesn't matter where it is — school, construction, city street or interstate. People just drive as fast as they want and a good many are very aggressive and put us all at risk. I've seen them even pass city police vehicles doing well over 10 mph above the limit.

I speculate to myself at least that this is the first step to total anarchy. When we choose which laws to follow, and do so with relative impunity, society at large is in danger. We could put all the new 40 police officers in traffic and still have less coverage than I experienced growing up. We should use traffic fines as a revenue stream. The sad part is that the people who ignore the law are for the most part good and nice people. They just like getting there as fast as they can.

Please slow down and be courteous. Let the people on the East and West Coasts be known for aggressive driving and us be known for the consideration and patience I know we all have. I don't think my own kids know what the speed limit is on a single road in the state!

Allen O'Dell, Yukon

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