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Are we safer?

Sen. Jim Inhofe and OU President David Boren discuss the state of al Quaida and the war on terror
BY VALLERY BROWN Staff Writer Published: September 11, 2011

During a casual breakfast 10 years ago, University of Oklahoma President David Boren's meeting with Central Intelligence Agency Director George Tenet was interrupted by five surreptitious men converging on their table.

“It was when the first plane went into the tower ... the words were, ‘The World Trade Center has been attacked,' and they used the word ‘attacked,' ” Boren said.

Blocks away from Boren's table near the White House, U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe was addressing the Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce on the 9th floor of the Hart Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill when a plane struck the Pentagon.

“I could see out the windows a plume of smoke and had no idea what we were watching,” Inhofe said.

Now, a decade since that fateful day, Inhofe sits on the Senate Armed Services Committee. Boren, who formerly chaired the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, now advises President Barack Obama on the President's Intelligence Advisory Board.

“We have done a good job in recognizing the threat is out there,” Inhofe said. “We need to not sit around and be afraid, but we need to be aware. We need to rebuild our military and intelligence system.”

Inhofe said that with Osama bin Laden and many of his top supporters dead, threats from al-Qaida have been weakened, but not eliminated.

He said threats also come from countries like Iran with advanced weapons and technology. For this reason, we need to maintain a close alliance with Israel and do nothing to undermine that.

Guantanamo Bay should remain open, he said: “Politics should remain off the battlefield.”

Are we safer?

The biggest mistake the country has made in fighting terrorism is treating it like a war, said Boren.

“We've mobilized 100,000 troops, fought wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to go after a relatively small organization of perhaps 2,000 people. al-Qaida is more the size of the mafia than the German war machine,” Boren said. “We've overstretched ourselves and are now in the middle of civil wars and nation-building.”

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