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Argentine military continues wage protests

Associated Press Published: October 4, 2012

Now the officers want everyone's pay rounded up, rather than see the lucky few get paid less like all the rest. Also, they don't want to pay taxes on the part of their income they used to get on the side, tax-free.

Unwinding this mess for thousands of members of the military will take time, and meanwhile the officers are adding more demands, such as more health care choices, a new base salary of about $1,500 a month and guarantees that they won't face reprimands.

Wednesday night, Security Minister Nilda Garre replaced the coast guard and border patrol chiefs and sent the next 10 ranking commanders of each service into early retirement. Thanks to court orders, many of these officers were earning far more than their ranks entitled them to — as much as $19,900 a month — much of it undeclared to tax authorities, according to a report in the pro-government Pagina12 newspaper.