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Around the NewsOK world — the week of Jan. 23

by Alan Herzberger Modified: April 18, 2013 at 1:30 pm •  Published: January 28, 2011

It’s been another great week on NewsOK. It’s been rife with controversy, which is always good for out web traffic numbers. So … thank you controversy. But the real thanks goes to our team of journalists that brings this stuff to you.

Olivia Munn
Olivia Munn

LOOKatOKC and Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn is kind of a big deal. That’s what I hear anyway. Features Editor Matt Price, who also authors our Nerdage blog, seemed quite surprised when I admitted that I didn’t know who she was prior to our recent coverage of her. In any case, I learned all about her on the front page of NewsOK more than a week ago. She was also on that week’s cover of LOOKatOKC, where LOOKatOKC editor George Lang had an excellent story about her rise to success. But the really cool thing about all of that is the Oliva Munn tweeted our story about her, and all of her fans became instant LOOKatOKC readers. Here’s what she said: “Oh, hello Hometown Paper! Yes, I do love my fans… And The Oklahoman newspaper!” It’s quite a maze, I know, but the bottom line is this: I now know who Olivia Munn is, and — with one more click (there, done) — I’m following her on Twitter. In case you want to follow me on Twitter, just click here.

Remember the 10

On Saturday night, we launched our page that covers the 10th anniversary of the 2001 OSU plane crash that killed 10 members of the OSU basketball  program. I remember that night very clearly. I remember where I was when I heard the news. I remember what I was doing. And thanks to this page, it can take me back and I can remember the victims and the impact on the program and the community. The pages, the stories and the archived content is really good, but the video … well — no words can describe how good it really is. You have to watch it.

A teaching tool at Yale

On Wednesday, I received an email from a teacher in the fine town of Yale, Oklahoma. She wanted to show her students the video that we produced, but the Internet connection at the school wasn’t reliable and she wondered if she could have a hard copy. Frankly, we’re in the business of having people use our website. That’s how we can serve our purposes — informing the public and supporting our business with advertising revenue. But when we can educate children, we’ll break our standard operating procedure. David Jones, our top-notch video producer, quickly provided her with a link. Her response: “Thank you! I will try it.  … I appreciate your promptness!” Exclamation points on gratitude messages fill my heart with warmth.

Answering your Thunder questions

Oklahoma City Thunder reporter Darnell Mayberry started a new thing on his blog this week. He started a mailbag, answering questions from our readers based on their submissions. It was a good read, but that’s not surprising. After all, our daily coverage of the Thunder — with stories, videos, columns, notes, blogs, chats, twitter posts, etc — outpaces anything you can find anywhere. That’s a guarantee.

Proof of Concept – sell your iPad?

Jay Spear has been a longtime employee at OPUBCO Communications Group. He’s performed in many different jobs — too many to list, really — but he recently started a blog he titled “Proof of Concept.” He had a good post this week that’s worth a read. It’s titled, Time to buy / sell your first iPad. Check it out.

More good reporting … search warrant madness

Sgt. Maurice Martinez
Sgt. Maurice Martinez

The story about the Oklahoma City police officer who was arrested on  Jan. 19 on sex abuse complaints has weaved and twisted all over the place this week. The strangest turn came when a locked room was accessed by someone while the house was under police guard. But the police said that they had already searched the home. All this leads to a lot of questions that begin with “How in the world …” or “Why in the heck …” or “Is it normal for police to …” There is much more detail in the stories that are linked above, but all I can say is my traditional … “you can’t make this stuff up.”

Steve Lackmeyer stirs it up

The OKC Central Blog is back in the middle of reporting on a minor controversy in Oklahoma City. He’s talked to many of the parties involved and helped inform people about what is going on with the mysterious 5320 marketing campaign. He’s received some criticism, as well. Love it … hate it … indifferent — that doesn’t really matter. Entertaining and informative to follow? Yes.

Wanda on the web

Breaking news reporter Robert Medley mentioned to me this week that Wanda Jackson is trending in the national news. He wanted to point out that the piece he wrote about her a couple of years ago would be good to showcase again. Well — Robert works the early shift and he covers a lot of unhappy news in the crime arena, so I forgive him for missing my blog last week — it was a good idea, and we did feature his nDepth:Stories of the Ages piece this week on NewsOK. But then Robert shared this fine nugget (note that Robert has spent a lot of time on stage and in the music industry himself): “What a shock. Someone I wrote a book about in 1992 when the only places that wanter her to play were Southern Baptist churches in south Oklahoma City — and now she is on Conan.

Board of Education meeting mess

On Thursday, Megan Rolland covered the Oklahoma Board of Education meeting with new state superintendent Janet Barresi. It was anything but a boring meeting. It started with board member Tim Gilpin and Barresi (and others) arguing about her choices for staff member and how they were paid. And as Megan wrote in the fourth paragraph: “From there it only got worse.

Pregnant women … worthless?

Here’s what was worse: Board member Herb Rozell commented about a pregnant staff member of Berresi, saying, “If she has that child in April and takes off six weeks, she’s worthless to us.” All together now … we absolutely cannot make this stuff up.

Troy Aikman leads the way on NewsOK

The stories about the Board of Education are among our most popular this week. But they came a very close second to a much more important story that took NewsOK by storm: Troy Aikman and his wife separating. What’s ironic about that? It’s not even our story. It’s the Tulsa World’s story. We didn’t run the entire story, but NewsOK and the Tulsa World often link to each other’s articles after running three paragraphs. We did that in this case. What’s even more ironic about that? It wasn’t even Tulsa World’s story. It sourced the Dallas Morning News as the original reporting source.

OSU Remember the 10 video

This was our most popular video. And deservedly so. Congratulations to our sports department and to our video department for producing such a great piece that helps put our lives (and our heightened interest in Troy Aikman’s marriage) in perspective.

That seems like a good note to end on. Enjoy NewsOK for the next week. Look for another post next Friday afternoon.

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by Alan Herzberger
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