Modified: March 10, 2008 at 12:19 am •  Published: March 10, 2008
"The one benefit I have from a misspent youth as a lawyer is that I would never make any odds on any litigation other than to say that I think the odds are increasing that the team will go to Oklahoma City. Even though I were a betting man, I wouldn't bet on the exact timing of it.” — NBA Commissioner David Stern on the chances of the Sonics winning their June trial.

"He made it very clear to me, and not in a nasty way at all, in his words, unequivocally, ‘Not for sale.' At some point, we have to accept that.” — Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire on Clay Bennett's refusal to sell the Sonics.

"We really are creating a city where people want to be, and this is a golden age in Oklahoma City. I think someday we'll look back and people will realize it. I'm thrilled that the voters believe in the future of Oklahoma City.” — Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett after the passing of last week's vote on Ford Center improvements.