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What they're saying...about the Sonics' move to Oklahoma City

Published: July 7, 2008
"Sonics fans, meanwhile, shouldn't cling to hope of ex-owner Howard Schultz steering the team back to Seattle with his lawsuit. He's the guy who created the mess by failing to invest enough in the franchise before selling it to Bennett. Lately, he's struggled to run his own coffee shop. Does anyone truly think he'll do any better in a courtroom?” — Yahoo Sports NBA editor Johnny Ludden

"It's not like Boston. A few people are upset. There are just a few people talking about it. More people are talking about us winning a championship. Winning it all is big. It's a business move for them. It makes financial sense. It didn't work here (in Seattle), but it will work for them there (in Oklahoma City).” — Boston Celtics forward and Washington native Brian Scalabrine

"If half the people who supposedly were so linked to the team actually had shown up at games, this might never have happened...If the Sonics were such a beloved part of the community, consistently finishing near the bottom of the league in attendance was a strange way of proving it.” — Sacramento Bee columnists Scott Howard-Cooper

"The downside of this is that Seattle is going to be the new Oklahoma City. We're going to take a break, take a deep breath, and then start looking for a team via expansion or relocation.” — Brian Robinson, co-founder of Save Our Sonics.

"Seattle has no idea what they have lost. It's something that $75 million will never be able to buy.” — Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban

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