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Oklahoman Modified: September 15, 2008 at 10:20 am •  Published: September 15, 2008

Former OU basketball secretary

With Wayman, I know he's got such a wonderful attitude and I know that will bode well. He knows that he's got prayers all over the state and probably the whole United States. We all still love him, and we know he's going to be all right.

When they were recruiting him, I was working for Billy Tubbs. When Wayman came, he became so popular so instantly — sort of like a Sarah Palin thing — it just got out of hand with people wanting him to come and speak at their churches or other events. It seemed like every church in the state wanted him to be there on Sunday. So, I just sort of fell into managing that for him.

I can remember one time we were going to Duncan and I went by to get him. When he got in the car, he had brought his guitar along. He played his guitar and sang all the way to Duncan.

Wayman is a unique individual in that immediately you feel a connection with him. He was a precious person then. Still is.