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Robi Morris

By Chris Jones, Staff Writer Published: April 28, 2008
Robi Morris had no history of cancer in her family. She ate a healthy diet, exercised regularly, and had no reason to believe she wasn't the picture of health.

A year ago the 45 year old nurse from Choctaw was diagnosed with colon cancer, and April 16, 2007, she had surgery. She then went through 12 sessions of chemotherapy. She recalled her thoughts of the events one year ago.

“I knew something was wrong because of the symptoms I had,” Morris said.

“I went for a colonoscopy, and after I heard the report, my doctor recommended an oncologist at Baptist.

She said she reacted to the news without panic or depression.

“I had a peace inside of me that I can't describe, a tranquil feeling that everything would be OK,” Morris said.

“I wasn't prepared mentally for the chemotherapy and I think that's because I didn't think I would have to have it. It was the biggest test of my faith ever.”

Morris said she struggled with nausea and tiredness due to the chemotherapy. Her faith, her family, and her love for music kept her going.

She continued her participation with the choir at Harmony Christian Church in Choctaw, and she said the music gave her strength.

Now, one year later, she said she is still tired. She is back at work, and she said she is looking forward to marking the one year anniversary of being cancer-free.