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by Mel Bracht Published: October 24, 2008
What leading NBA analysts are saying about the Thunder and Oklahoma City

→Jeff Van Gundy, ESPN: I enjoyed going to Oklahoma City to compete and play in that arena when I was in Houston because it was such a collegiate atmosphere. I know they will do a good job in supporting a team through a tough rebuilding period. After a very mediocre first half of the year, Kevin Durant had a very strong second half. Like most teams, they need more NBA quality starters to be able to compete in the West.

→Reggie Miller, TNT: I’m glad Sam Presti did his homework and went out got my UCLA guy, Russell Westbrook. There was a lot of talk during the draft that he could go as high as two. His individual workouts were fantastic. I think Sam (Presti) and P.J. (Carlesimo) are onto something, building this franchise from the ground up. They’re in a new city. The enthusiasm is there. If they stay competitive, play hard and if they can keep that fan base, I see it as an organization going in the right direction.

→Doug Collins, TNT: I see so many teams using that Portland Trail Blazer model of building a team. You’ve got to get lucky and get a couple of great players to build around. I think the Thunder is going to get a real bump at home in terms of energy. They need to try to win some games at home and be competitive.

→Marv Albert, TNT: I think they are an improved team. I obviously don’t see them as a playoff club. We all love P.J. (Carlesimo) and certainly hope things go the other way. It’s great doing games there. It has that college atmosphere. I think the franchise is going to do extremely well at the gate. It’s just a matter of time. Obviously, there are other moves to make to surround Kevin Durant, Jeff Green and the rest of the guys.