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Scouting Report: A rival scout on the Thunder

Oklahoman Published: November 17, 2008
When you talk about Oklahoma City, it’s all about the young guys, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant and Jeff Green. And you see that they’re obviously making an effort to play those guys through good and bad times. ... Russell Westbrook might be one of my favorite young guys I’ve seen so far this year. He’s going to have some good and bad times. But he’s dynamic. ... Jeff is the type of guy that as the team gets better he’ll get better. He’s such a glue guy. ... I was disappointed in one game I saw Kevin play early, where he didn’t make an impression on the game. Being the type of talent that he is, he has to go out every night, and you have to know that Kevin Durant is on the court every night. Kevin’s got to learn to fight through players being physical with him because they know if you can take him out of the game you have a good chance of winning.