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Published: February 14, 2009
This is a day for love, but really, some folks in the sports world just need a hug. Here’s a look at a few who could use some TLC:

1 Kurt Budke: Not even his orange blazer broke the Cowgirls out of their funk. Now, the Oklahoma State women’s basketball coach has to wonder if a season that once held much promise is going to end in the WNIT.

2 Chris Wilcox: The Thunder forward has been relegated to Scott Brooks’ bench. Sure, Wilcox’s defense is lacking, but during games, he looks like he needs someone to put an arm around his shoulder.

3 Donte

Foster: The Guthrie High standout created a YouTube sensation in football and basketball. Still, he can’t manage to get the one thing he really wants — a football scholarship offer from OSU.

4 Obi

Muonelo: Maybe the OSU guard deserved a chewing out, but when television cameras caught his coach calling him an expletive-laced idiot, he got dragged into the fray. No way Muonelo deserved that.

5 Oklahoma


basketball: Apparently, the rest of the country is just now waking up to what everyone here has long known — these Sooners are seriously good. They deserve more love from the college hoops world.