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Oklahoman Published: May 25, 2009
Mind your wild neighbors
Spring means baby season in the wildlife world. Wild animals, particularly babies in dens and nests, can be accidentally injured or orphaned when people trim trees, mow lawns, clean chimneys or set traps for those nuisance wild animals around the house, said Laura Simon, field director of urban wildlife for The Humane Society of the United States.

Consider these precautions when cleaning and repairing your home:

Windows: Dangle shiny objects or put colorful stickers on windows to prevent birds from hitting them.

Lawns: Before mowing, check your lawn for wildlife such as turtles and rabbit nests.

Trees: Check for bird nests before trimming trees.

Chimneys: If you discover a nest inside, the best option is to tolerate the animals until they leave on their own. If you suspect an animal is trapped, call your local animal control or a wildlife rehabilitator for advice. Never try to smoke out animals.

Scrap the trap: Resist setting a trap for nuisance animals. Odds are you’ll trap a nursing mother animal, leaving the young to starve.