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Pet Tales: Sneaky squirrel jars couple with tit for tat

Oklahoman Modified: August 13, 2009 at 5:27 am •  Published: August 13, 2009
Sneaky squirrel jars couple with tit for tat
I don’t have a cute, unusual or just plain weird pet, but I do have a miserable, cantankerous, sneaky squirrel-friend who is a genius at one-upmanship.

He puts up with my picture-taking, and I think he actually poses for me.

The plastic bottle I keep wild birdseed in has a screw top, and our dumb squirrel has tried to get in by chewing holes in the plastic. The silly squirrel took 15 minutes to figure out how to unscrew the lid. He did it six times in two days.

I tried to tighten the lid more each time. His last attempt took exactly 6 seconds! (Shirley timed it.) He then could climb right into the jar. We don’t have a picture as he stuck his tongue out at us, but we’re both sure that he did!

We didn’t see how he could do better than his 6-second score, but he did. He hid the lid! No lid, none of this "unscrew the lid” foolishness. This bright blue lid has never shown up.

I hate sneaky squirrels!

Bob Axworthy,

Oklahoma City